This is one of the most common mistakes I see when examining a customer’s operation. Proper grit sequencing can save
you time and money. Here’s how. Every grit provides a depth scratch pattern. The next grit is designed to eliminate the previous scratch pattern and leave a better finish. Skipping too many grit causes the previous scratches to not be eliminated and can cause you more time (to go back and re-finish) and money (if you have to toss the part).

For example, if you are starting with 80 grit, your next grit should be 100 followed by 120. There is a trick you can use the stretch out the sequencing and it is this “you can skip acheter viagra one grit just don’t skip two”. What that means is if you start with 80 grit you can go to 120 grit and still be okay. Just don’t skip 100 and 120 and go directly to 150. Ask IPC, if you think you would like some help with proper sequencing of abrasives.  IPC offers many industrial solutions to meet your challenges.  Contact IPC today for your solution.





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