IPC is proud to offer Intertape and 3M as part of their tape lineup and can deliver the right solution for your needs.  3M is a company founded on the belief that the satisfaction of its customers is most important. The same holds true for the staff here at Industrial Packaging Corporation.  We work closely with 3M for a variety of our products, from tape, safety equipment to case sealers and more. The integrity of 3M products are matched only by IPC’s goal of providing each and every one of our customers the strongest, most durable products aiding you in the workplace production and safety goals.

Because we know our customers trust 3M and value their products as much as we do, we carry several different 3M tape varieties ensuring we meet every sealing need, whether you are in the food and beverage industry, the medical industry, the furniture industry or any other industry in which tight, strong seals are an absolute necessity. Take a look at the different varieties of tape to meet you needs.

Carton Sealing Tapes

Carton Sealing Tapes represents the largest category of tapes for IPC.  We help you to determine what tape you need, by determining the size and weight of your box, as well as the value of what is being shipped.  Also, the method of shipping plays a role in determining what tape you should use.  The basics of carton sealing tapes are as follow – width, thickness and adhesive system are all very important when selecting which tape to use for your application.

  • Width:  48mm (2”) or 72MM (3”)
  • Thickness: 1.5 mil to 3.0 mil
  • Adhesive System: Hot Melt, Acrylic and Natural Rubber

Feeling overwhelmed?  Don’t be, IPC is well versed in helping you determine what tape makes sense for your application. We do this every day. Are you sure you know how much tape is needed to tape a box?  Check your answer.

Water Activated Tape (Kraft Sealing Tape)

The “original” carton closure tape has seen a rebirth over the past decade with the evolution of ecommerce business.  Kraft sealing tape offers a few advantages over carton sealing tapes. It makes for a perfect fit for direct to consumer packages as well as boxes being individually shipped. How? Kraft sealing tapes are tamper evident in that the tape actually becomes part of the package once sealed. They also offer superior strength. They have filaments in them making a strong tape even stronger.

Masking Tapes

Masking tapes are used for a variety of reasons. IPC delivers the right tape solution for your job.  Whether you need a tape to block of an area temporarily or you need a tape that has clean-removal for 14 days, IPC has you covered.  Ask us how.

Double Coated Tapes/Adhesive Transfer Tapes

Double coated tapes have many applications and IPC has the know-how to find the right tape for your application.  Here’s a list of questions to help you find the right tape for your application:

  • What materials (surfaces) do you want to bond?
  • Are you willing to prepare the surfaces?
  • What type of stresses will the bond be subjected to?
  • What are the environmental conditions that will be involved?
  • What application method is appropriate for production requirements?

As we’ve shown, IPC has a vast representation of tape products.  We have the tape solution to fit your operations. Contact us today and start seeing results in your operation.



For more information on our wide variety of 3M or Intertape products and other packaging supplies, like abrasives and adhesives, contact us today. Call us at 877-849-3852 to speak with one of our experienced customer service representatives.