Effective October 2016, stretch film market prices have increased.  More price increases are anticipated due to material costs. Ensure you aren’t paying too much. Contact IPC

Industrial Packaging Corporation offers a wide variety of pallet stretch film from leading manufacturers like AEP, Intertape, Amtopp, Paragon and more. As a leading distributor of stretch film and various industrial packaging equipment and supplies, we demand the very best products from our manufacturers. Our stretch film is puncture-resistant with high cling, stretch, and flexibility to cut waste and cost from your warehouse equation. Depending on your stretch film needs, we have many options available including

  • Pre-stretched film – hand or machine
  • Machine stretch film – cast and blown
  • Hand stretch film – cast and blown
  • Banding stretch film

Due to the quality of our stretch film products, you can focus your energy on choosing the best fit of stretch film for your warehouse. If your wrapping process is manual and handled by trained, load containment specialists, their workload can be lessened by choosing a pre-stretched hand film. This type of film hand film choice provides a strong but lightweight roll which greatly eases operator fatigue. It can also eliminates damage from dropped rolls as often occurs with conventional hand films. Plus, you lower your overhead costs.

If you focus on machine stretch film, how do you know which is the best value? Most customers revert to the price per roll. Does that work or not in making your selection? Is that wrong? No, it just may not be giving you the “whole” story.

Machine stretch film comes in a variety of types and thicknesses. Depending on what resins are used to produce the film, you may end up with a variety of performance characteristics. That is why it is critical that you understand what your current load retention numbers are and your costs PER PALLET to wrap your product. By focusing on just your film roll costs are may be mislead. Only from that point do you have a base line for understanding what your lowest cost really looks like.

IPC offers free Profitability Analysis to help establish where you are today and to make recommendations on where we can take you. We are not only film experts but experts on the other important factors in the process, such as the equipment applying the film. We marry the optimal performance of the film with the best machine settings netting your lowest cost per load wrapped when we are through. Many customers are leaving thousands of dollars on the table by simply trying to buy machine stretch film on a price per roll basis. Throughout the Profitability Analysis, we can also look at other areas of operation including safety. Let IPC help you recover money that you are wasting in overhead.

Whatever your needs, IPC can provide you with the solutions and products to make sure the job gets done as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. As we like to say, we specialize in delivering solutions, not just equipment. Our customer service representatives can answer any questions, solve any problems and serve our customers coast to coast. Backed by the respected Packaging Distributors of America, we have nationwide shipping capabilities and an in-depth tracking system that ensures your stretch film will go straight from our door to yours.

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