Need a solution to strap or band your packages or bundles? IPC offers a full range of strapping equipment ranging from large strap and tape systems guarenteed to hold your packaging together. By utilizing an automatic strapping machine into your packaging process and shipping operations, you can reduce packaging labor costs while controlling material costs. IPC’s top priority is to deliver an equipment solution that will increase your PROFITS!

IPC Strapping MachineTake a look at the Signode Mod GPX.  Those who use strapping equipment will recognize that name immediately. This newly developed line replaces previous models and introduces truly modular components. With this new line, you can buy the machine, some additional modules and actually repair the machine yourself. You merely replace the defective module. The machine tells you which module is down. Signode also has a return program for the modules. If you struggle with frequent strapper issues, this could be just what you need. Ask IPC for more info on this innovation.

Signode Mode GPX Specs

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