IPC is proud to offer our customers a brand of products that is affordable and brings quality to your business. With over 70 years in the industry, our expertise allows us to know what makes a great product; plus, we know the difficulties our customers face when finding affordable quality products. IPC has carefully chosen products from our leading manufacturers. We looked for performers with the following characteristics. 

  • high quality
  • consistency in performance
  • affordable in any budget
  • made in the USA, wherever possible

IPC rolls out the SMART product line with strong solid products that you can utilize as a staple in your business. We will continue to expand the IPC SMART product line over time to encompass packaging, industrial and safety products to meet your needs.


IPC announces the release of their IPC Smart Carton Sealing Tape, designed to secure your packaging needs.

SMART Kraft Paper

IPC announces the release of IPC Smart Kraft Paper to protect your products. Use it as cushioning or in wrapping your product.

SMART Rubber Coated Gloves

Protect your employees’ hands with our SMART Rubber Coated Glove. It provides an optimum grip with breathable comfort.

SMART Stretch Film

Our SMART Stretch Film meets the demands of consistency plus affordable in many different gauges.

Future SMART Products

Stay tune as we increase our line to include bubble wrap, bogus rolls, printer ribbons and work gloves. .

By choosing IPC SMART products, you are making the smartest choice. Remember at IPC, our goal is to increase your PROFITS by reducing your overhead costs.  Contact IPC today.