Shrink packaging is the one business that has some “mystery” associated with it. It involves using one machine to seal shrink film and one to shrink it. How all of this occurs is really not very well understood except by those that have been using it for some period of time and even then there are still mysterious thing involved in the operation of these systems. IPC has the expertise to solve the “mysteries” involved with shrink packaging. Whether it is really entry level equipment or high speed automatic systems, IPC provides the effective equipment solutions, supplying the shrink film and service support needed as well.


If you are a current user of shrink film, IPC can provide films and service support to put you in peak operating condition. If you have more than one operator and more than one machine, let IPC show you the value of using an automatic L-sealer like the Texwrap Spartan or the 120 Combo Model. IPC has supplied many of these entry level automatic shrink wrap machines to companies in these situations. This can eliminate one operator freeing up enough labor paying for the equipment investment in a short period of time. Let IPC show you how this can happen for you.


Contact us today. Let us help you find a shrink system solution for your application!