At IPC, we understand spending thousands of dollars on a new piece of equipment is a major investment for your business. You need to be sure to get your return on investment. That’s why we only sell equipment from the most reliable packaging equipment companies. Whether they’re building shrink wrappers like Lantech or case sealers like 3M, all of our vendors are known for manufacturing superior machines.

Think of how you can increase your productivity and revenue by increasing production. With IPC, we offer a variety of programs that enable you to upgrade your facility and streamline your efficiency.  Ask us about our equipment sales, finance, and rental options.  We offer several financing options. We can work to meet your needs and budget limitations. If you aren’t for sure where to start, IPC recommends starting with our Profitability Audit.  This will give you an overview of how IPC can increase your efficiency and profits.

Projecting a seasonal or spikes in your business. Don’t worry, IPC offers a rental program just for those occasions. Contact David Byrd and he’ll get you set-up.

Watch the pros and cons of leasing or buy your equipment.

IPC offers equipment buy back programs.

IPC can service/repair your equipment as well. Don’t get caught in production downtime.