Separate yourself from the competition with IPC’s Custom Labels. Not only can we design a label ensuring your product’s timely arrival to the correct location but IPC’s labels help your products navigate the trek from manufacturing to distribution. Once on your retail shelves, your product will stand out over the competition due to our custom designed labels.  roll label

IPC stocks plenty of blank barcode labels to assist movement of products from point A to B. We shine though when the label application becomes more complex. We offer labels with intricate die cuts allowing for tracking, UL and CSA registered materials meeting engineering specifications and four color process labels attracting your consumers attention. IPC adds value to any label application. IPC can also increase your brand awareness through our custom printed tape products. This product saves your budget no more box logo printing.  

Contact IPC today and start seeing a difference in your operation with custom product labels from their movement through transportation and then in your product orders with custom labels.

Looking for a dissolvable label? IPC offers dissolvable label solutions to meet your needs.