Supplying quality products, reliability and competitively priced products are just basic core services you as a customer should receive from a supplier.  With IPC, our services and programs go beyond just the basics to building a relationship, creating a partnership, increasing your operation’s profits and efficiency.


Design Center – State-of-the-art packaging design center examines opportunities in carton design, damage reduction, sampling and Point of Purchase (POP) fabrication.


Equipment Repair – IPC has full time personnel who will come to your location and service/repair your packaging equipment, even if you didn’t purchase it from us.  Don’t let machine downtime cost you revenue. Preventive maintenance programs are available to head off expensive future interruptions to your productions.


Equipment Training – IPC offers equipment training ensuring your crew has a full understanding of the equipment. If you aren’t properly trained, your operation could be loosing profits.


Printer and Hand Tool Repair – IPC will depot service your current down equipment.  In many cases,we’ll arrange for a loaner to be used during the repair time.  With IPC, your production stays up and running.


IPC Print Division – Our in-house custom printing department prints both pressure sensitive and water activated tapes. You’ll not only add security to every box shipped, plus you’ll brand it with your marketing message.


On-Site Safety Assessment – Our team works with you to reduce your costs by performing a 14 Point Safety Assessment covering your entire facility. This eye opening report is valuable to your company as another set of eyes helping you find safety violations in the making. Our report provides you the OSHA Regulation number, a brief description of what it means, and what you need to do to become OSHA compliant. This is an incredibly valuable tool ensuring to bring money to your bottom line.


Respirator Fit Testing –  IPC offers Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing for those of you in a respirator program. We’ll come to your facility and perform a detailed product training of the respirators and fit test utilizing Bitrix. Fit Test Forms are filled out per employee, which will stay in the employee’s file. This is a great tool to save you time and money. Local clinics charge high fees to perform this service. IPC offers a complete line of respiratory products and accessories.


Safety Product Assessment – Like many other products purchased in the market, safety items can be over or under-utilized. Our IPC safety team will perform an inspection of what safety products you are using per plant, department, machine, etc. and document the application. We will research for better or more efficient product solutions, cutting your daily costs. Many times, we’ll supply you with a better safety product, lasting longer, thus saving you money and time. These cost savings opportunities are documented for your future year-end cost savings reporting.


First Aid and CPR Training – IPC offers documented training for your employees on these vital survival techniques.


Web-based Safety Training – IPC offers a multi-lingual platform for safety training for your employees 24/7 with result reporting for your OHSA records.


Rebates, Free Money – Are  you getting all of the rebates that your company is entitled to?  At IPC, we’ll work with you to make sure you are getting the different government rebates from propane forklifts and etc.  At IPC, we save money doing this; why shouldn’t you?


Credit Terms – If you’d like to set up an open credit with IPC, we still offer 1% 10, net 30 day terms which many of our competitors stopped offering years ago.