IPC is an expert is sign safety. OSHA and ANSI require signage to indicate and define specific hazards that, without identification, may lead to injury or death. The header of the sign you select should indicate the degree of hazard in your application. Here are clarifications on the meaning of each header. Let IPC design your signage solutions making your facility OSHA and ANSI compliant. Don’t get caught needing safety identification. Take a look at the IPC Safety Printer and Software Solution. Print your needs on-demand.



Use DANGER to indicate an immediate hazard which has a high probability to severe injury or death.





Use WARNING to indicate a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, can result in serious injury or death.





Use CAUTION to indicate a potentially hazardous situation which may result in minor or moderate injury, but not death.



wash hands


Use NOTICE to provide general information needed to avoid confusion.


safety first


  SAFETY FIRST and other similar headings are used with information about housekeeping, first aid, health, medical equipment, sanitation and general safety.


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