An IPC goal is for your employees to work in a healthy safe environment. We provide free On-Site Safety Assessments to help your operation run smoothly and your workers stay protected. Our team will work with you to your reduce costs by performing a 14 Point Safety Assessment covering your entire facility. This eye opening report will be valuable to your company as another set of eyes to help you find safety violations in the making. Our report gives you the OSHA Regulation number, a brief description of what it means and what you need to do to become OSHA compliant. This is an incredibly valuable tool ensuring to bring money to your bottom line.


IPC also offers an array of safety products to meet whatever your industry needs are. Checkout our vast array of product lines. Plus, if your crew needs safety training, IPC offers on-line safety training for your employees.


Contact IPC today and book your free 14 Point On Site Safety Assessment.