IPC offers a perfect solution to your inventory control and asset management challenges. RFID solutions allows for instant multi-item checkouts. No more waiting in lines at vending machines. RFID technology does not require a line-of-site for a scan reader to read and checkout the items in your supply room. The IPC Freedom RFID Solution offers flexibility, security and ease of operation to manage your inventory supplies and expensive tools. This solution can be customized to fit your needs and plays a vital role in decreasing the yearly cost of replacing lost tools and depleting supplies.

The IPC Freedom RFID Solution offers

  • toolroom solutions
  • supply cage solutions
  • instant multi-item checkout process
  • inventory and asset tracking
  • extensive reports
  • security constraints to fit your operation
  • data analysis
  • report gathering
  • no long lines for employees to get their supplies
  • store more inventory/SKUs in your supply cage than vending machines
  • no more jammed machines
  • RFID solutions cost less than the average supply vending machine.

Exactly how does RFID work? How much is the investment to get started? Watch this short video and find out your answers.

Take a look and see how easy it is to check-in and checkout items in this toolroom.

Understand the benefits of RFID from a management perspective.

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