IPC has the following styles and sizes of boxes on sale.  If any of these sizes fit your needs, IPC Box Sale genericcontact IPC for pricing.  Looking for another size? IPC is here to solve your challenges.  Just ASK IPC for your custom solution.

  • RSC 44ECT Plain 14 x 14 x 62
  • Gaylord Singlewall 48x40x36- great to collect trash in
  • RSC 32 ECT Plain 16x10x12
  • RSC 32 ECT Plain 29x15x11
  • RSC 32 ECT Plain 27x27x11
  • RSC 32 ECT Plain 26x14x14


Which Respirator is Right?


Not for sure what type of respirator is needed for your employees? Take a minute and check out     3M’s Respirator Medical Evaluation. It is an easy-to-use questionnaire that helps establish the worker’s clearance level for using a specific respirator in your work conditions.


The Panther’s Next Step is Here Time = Money

Save time and money with Panther’s Print and Apply Labeling System.  Imagine printing a packing list and shipping label in ONE step.  Click to read more.  Contact us today and get your system set up.


Don’t Miss Production – Save $1800

Contact Jim Laidman – Prod. Mgr./Sales Mgr.

Do you use machine length tape?  Do you have a case sealer?  If you answered yes to both of these questions, you may be missing out on $1,800.00 worth of free goods.  Anyone that has a case sealer knows that the tape head and spare parts are critical to the successful operation of any case sealer.  Why not sign up for a tape agreement and ensure that you are covered when these critical items are needed and for free?  Ask your sales rep how.


FREE Printer Service

Contact Chris Armistead – Product Manger

Thermal transfer printers are one of the most important tools ensuring your products are properly barcoded, tracked, shipped, received, and sold. Unfortunately, they are often taken for granted, neglected and abused.  IPC offers a solution to extend your printer life and protect your investment! In an effort to promote printer health, IPC is offering free printer service for a year or printhead replacement (*) for existing and new customers!

For every $10K (**) you spend on labels, ribbons or a combination of both, IPC will give you 1 free year of printer service or 1 free OEM printhead (*).  It’s just that simple! Give us your business and IPC will help you protect your investment. Contact your Sales Representative for details on how to get started!

(*) Printers must be common 4″ wide Industrial printers (Datamax, Intermec, SATO & Zebra)

(**) The $10K qualification must be in one calendar year blanket POs are preferred to help qualify.  One printer/$10K.