Ansell Named 2016 Vendor of the Year

Congratulations to Ansell for earning the IPC 2016 Vendor of the Year Award. They served IPC with exceptional service and quality products.


David Byrd Named IPC Equipment Product Manager

Congratulations to David Byrd as he takes on the role of IPC Equipment Product Manager. Since 2014, David has served IPC customers in equipment repair. David has a degree in electrical engineering and is excited to transition all of his service and machine application experience into his new role. David is originally from Texas and has lived in Colorado and Arizona before moving to Georgia. In his free time, David enjoy spending time with his grandchildren and fishing. “I’m excited to work with the IPC solution exports and the wonderful IPC customers. I believe we can enhance the customers’ operational and equipment needs,” said David Byrd.

IPC Scores EXCELLENT in Customer Performance

Congratulations to IPC for receiving a perfect score in on-time deliveries and customer performance for 2016. IPC takes seriously our commitment to our customers. We know the struggles clients face when a process is difficult and deliveries aren’t on-time. Let IPC give you piece of mind in your operation. Contact us today to find a better solution for your deliveries and product challenges.


Happy Retirement to Bob Jones

IPC wishes Bob Jones a happy retirement. After 45 years in the packaging industry, Bob Jones is taking a break. He’s served the clients of IPC for the last 16 years in the area of packaging equipment. During his career, he has seen just about every piece of equipment and every application in which one would use a piece of packaging machinery. Bob and his wife plan to retire in Texas and spend time with the grandchildren. IPC wishes them well. Congratulations to Bob Jones!



Bags of Cheer for Atlanta Children this Year  ipc-holiday-drive-2016

IPC employees rally around the Annual Atlanta City Detention Center Holiday Food & Toy Drive. For many years, IPC has continued to support this great cause. Employees donated bags filling boxes of toys, clothes and food which were given out by Atlanta officers at their annual event. IPC is always excited to be a part of events helping children have a brighter future.

IPC Hosts Second Annual Taste of IPC


Besides the highly experienced sales teams, customer service staff and internal support teams, IPC has some really great cooks. For the second year in a row, IPC hosts their Annual Taste of IPC. For several weeks, cooks brought in their dish for everyone to taste.  The vote is in and we have this year’s winners. Congratulation to Stacey Henderson for her Maple Pecan Pumpkin Pie and Erica Greer for her Baklava. Many thanks to all who participated. We look forward to eating again next year.

Saying Goodbye After 21 Years

Congratulations to Larry Shackleford who is retiring from IPC. Larry has delivered orders to the customers of IPC for 21 years. His driving and customer service experience will truly be missed. IPC wishes him well in his retirement.

Summer Fun with Cardboard


IPC is proud to help with the simple things of life like playing with cardboard. “Once again, we had an amazing week of VBX kids’ camp. Thank you so much for your cardboard donation.  Three hundred kids created and painted knight’s shields, and used them in defense during an epic water balloon battle! They loved painting their shields. You would have enjoyed seeing how they carefully chose their designs and paint colors, and how intensely they talked about their designs. And of course the battle was a blast!  The weather couldn’t have been more cooperative for such a fun event!

PDA Honors IPC EVP Dave Lewis

IPC is a proud member of Packaging Distributors of America. Through these relationships, IPC has solved many customers’ challenges nationwide. In June 2016, PDA recognized IPC EVP Dave Lewis with the President’s Award for his support of PDA.President Award

“I was honored in June to receive this new PDA President’s Award recognizing my support of Packaging Distributors of America. PDA is a +$1B company focused on providing packaging solutions to companies across North America. Because I believe in (from firsthand knowledge) the type of standardization, automation and savings solutions we bring multi-location companies, it makes the support of PDA not only a logical choice but one that I am passionate about,” said EVP Dave Lewis. Congratulations to Dave Lewis from IPC and PDA.

“Thanks IPC” –  Summer Imagination

Through the imagination of kids, cardboard comes to life in the form of pirate ships, a western town and then famous shields for an epic water balloon battle.  This is summer fun at the VBX Kids’ Camp. “We have been so grateful for donations from IPC for our VBX Kids’ Camp at Cumberland Community Church.  In the activity room, the kids have worked with their groups to creatively design pirate ships, Old West store fronts, and knights’ shields to prepare for epic water balloon fights!!  During a week that is filled with great teaching, community building, funny skits and games, and awesome music, the water balloon fight is definitely a highlight of the week!! We are so thankful for our partnership with IPC for this community impacting event.” IPC is proud to support the local Atlanta community.

Donation Story

IPC Supports Special Operations

IPC is proud to support our US Military Special Operations soldiers and families.  Through a golf tournament, money and awareness was raised to help the troops and their families.

-Morten Andersen Family Foundation-2016 Special Teams for Special Ops-DSCN4430 (Medium)

IPC President Mark Lichtenstein, Nancy Kornfeld, Jim Kornfeld and IPC Exec. VP Dave Lewis

IPC Welcomes Christi Wheeler

IPC welcomes Christi Wheeler to the accounting team.  Christi loves spending time with her family. “I’m very excitedChristi Wheeler about my new career here at IPC. I have enjoyed this past week, getting to know my co-workers and becoming part of the family.  I am looking forward to many years here with my new family.”  Welcome Christi!

IPC Names KAPSTONE as Vendor of the Year

IPC recognizes KAPSTONE as their 2015 Vendor of the Year. We appreciate the support that they provide IPC. They are a great partner to have as IPC continues to solve workplace challenges.

Kapston Pict 2015 Winner

Congratulations to IPC

Since 1950, IPC has continued to grow.  In April 2016, IPC was recognized as a leading GA company for growth. CONGRATULATIONS! (1)


New Employees Join IPC

IPC welcomes Noette Meadows and Erica Greer to IPC. Noette is here to serve IPC in the Accounting Department. Erica is a new addition to the Customer Service Team at IPC.  Both ladies are excited to be a part of the IPC Team and bring their accounting and customer service skills to serve the clients of IPC.

CSR and Accounting

Noette Meadows and Erica Greer

IPC Welcomes New Additions to the Sales Team

IPC welcomes Steven Ashworth and Colton Blake to the IPC Solutions Team.  Steven has served a variety of industries all of which focused on serving customers. He is excited to bring those skills to IPC. Colton is excited to embrace the packaging world and all of the many ways in which he can serve IPC customers.  Welcome to the team!

IPC New employees

Steven Ashworth and Colton Blake

Ranpak Hosts IPC Team

Ranpak hosts a private viewing of the latest packaging equipment for the IPC team. IPC was able to view some of the latest cost saving technology in cushioning. One green solution for kitchenware and fragile gift shipping will save customers overhead costs and lessen damage with this easy wrapping solution. These solutions save time, supply warehouse space and costs. Contact IPC to learn more about Ranpak’s latest technology.

Ranpak Training


IPC Shares the Holiday Spirit with Atlanta Communities

IPC is excited this year again to help the City of Atlanta Department of Corrections with their food and toy drive. Employees donated food and toys for the officers to pass out to the community. Last year, over 200 families were able to enjoy food and toys through this drive. “I’m so proud of the support our IPC employees show the Atlanta Department of Corrections each year. For 18 years, I’ve seen the donation boxes set up empty yet leave full, knowing that needy families are being helped. It’s been a great holiday tradition at IPC!” commented Dave Lewis, IPC Executive Vice President.

holiday 2 2015 holiday 2015

IPC Honored with the Century Club Award

Century Lantech 2015

Terry Ferrill – Lantech SE Regional Sales Manager, Bob Jones – IPC Equipment Sales Manger and Dave Lewis – IPC Executive Vice President

Lantech honors IPC with the Century Club Award for outstanding effort and accomplishment. “It is exciting to have the opportunity to work with a quality manufacturer like Lantech. Their great reputation helps us excel in placing their machinery in a variety of applications on a regular basis,” commented Bob Jones, IPC Equipment Sales Manager.

Make Sure You’re Getting the Latest IRS Benefit

Tax-Break-oct-2015Are you aware of the latest IRS benefits on equipment purchases? Take a look and make sure you’re getting all of the breaks for next year’s taxes.

Wendy Harrison Joins IPC as the New Purchasing Agent  Wendy Harrison

Wendy Harrison joins the team at IPC as the new purchasing agent.  Wendy was born in South Carolina but has lived her life in Georgia. Although she graduated from the University of West Georgia, Wendy is a bulldog fans.  IPC is excited to have Wendy join the team and support our vendors and our Solution Experts.


Congratulations to Murl Hardy – 40 Years of Service

Murl HardyIPC congratulates Murl Hardy for his 40 years of sales service to the IPC customers. Over his 40 years of service, he’s seen the packaging industry change from paper orders to computers and even automation processes. He’s solved many client challenges making him a solutions expert in the industrial packaging industry. “Murl, IPC values the work you do for us. We wish you many more successful years of solving packaging challenges.”

IPC Names 3M as the 2014 Vendor of the Year

IPC is excited to name 3M as the IPC Vendor of the Year. This honor was awarded to 3M for their commitment, service and creative programs as a valued supplier. This partnership allows IPC to bring to their customers packaging, industrial and safety solutions to meet their clients’ challenges. “I want to personally congratulate 3M for all of their hard work this year earning them our Vendor of the Year Award. Together we grow. Congratulations!” said Executive Vice President Dave Lewis.

3m IPC Vendor of the Year

Back Row:  Mike Vinson – 3M, Greg Clark – 3M, Jamison Alston – 3M, Dave Lewis – IPC Exec. VP
Front Row:  Mark Lichtenstein – IPC President, Mike Neese – 3M and Katie Paolozzi – 3M


 Celebrating 38 Years of Service at IPC

Linda portrait

IPC wishes to congratulate Linda Coursey on her retirement after working 38 years for IPC. She began working in Payroll and Accounts Payable which at that time also handled Customer Service. For the past 26 years, Linda focused on serving customers and supporting the IPC sales team. Over the years, Linda has seen not only the company’s personnel more than triple but so has the delivery fleet from three delivery trucks to a fleet that now includes 3 semitrucks. When Linda began, orders were hand written with carbon copies now today’s business operation includes computers, email and fax. “I enjoyed working for a family owned company. I have worked for large corporations in the past and the employees were known only as a number on the payroll. No personal contact between employees and management.  Here at IPC we’re more like a large family. I guess you could say this is my family away from home,” said Linda Coursey. “We’d like to thank Linda for all of her years of service here at IPC.  Her dedication, detailed work ethic and commitment to serving IPC clients with great customer service is appreciated more than words can express. We wish her well in her retirement,” commented IPC President Mark Lichtenstein.

sales team and Linda

Linda Coursey with her salesmen

Fun Facts – Did you Know?


Post It

Did you know 3M’s Post-It notes were invented by accident by Dr. Spencer Silver and Art Fry? Silver was trying to create super strong adhesives to use in the aerospace industry.  Instead of a super strong adhesive, he accidentally  created an incredibly weak, pressure sensitive adhesive agent called Acrylate Copolymer Microspheres. Later, Fry came on the scene and when he sang in the choir he continuously lost his page. From this experience, he eventually had the idea to use some of Silver’s adhesive to help keep the slips of paper in the hymnal. Fry then suggested to Nicholson and Silver that they were using the adhesive backwards. Instead of sticking the adhesive to the bulletin board, they should “put it on a piece of paper and then we can stick it to anything.”


Checkout IPC’s Packaging Supplies for your packaging solutions. Contact us today for questions.


IPC Supports Toco Hills Community Alliance (THCA) Food Drive

IPC is proud to support again this year the Toco Hills fall food drive by donating 100s of boxes and packaging supplies. “I am so grateful for your willingness to provide uniform size boxes to our 2014 Spooky-To-Be-Hungry community food drive.  This is just an awesome gift to the cause and makes packing, labeling, stacking and transporting so much easier. Also, the tape dispenser and tape made a cumbersome job easy enough for children to have fun assisting me in the making of the boxes!” said Madge Watson, Oak Grove United Methodist Church, Service Ministries Chair. IPC encourages all of the Atlanta area to support by donating food.  The event is October 25, 2014. Last year, there was enough food collected and supplies to last approximately six months. For more information, contact Madge Watson at Oak Grove United Methodist Church.



Congratulations to IPC

Lantech award


Congratulations to IPC for being honored as a Century Club Winner by Lantech.

Falling Safely?

By Randy Brown


Did you know that falling is the 2nd most cause of death in the workplace? In the US, employers are not identifying potential fall hazards. Here are some eye opening statistics:

  • Falls cost industries over $3.7 Billion annually.
  • In 2013, there were 623 deaths from falls.
  • Falls accounted for over 100,000 disabling injuries.
  • Many companies with potential fall hazards have no one in their organization who is OSHA Competent Certified nor contracts with anyone.

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