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IPC understands your safety challenges in manufacturing, distribution, services sectors, government or municipalities. We danger no bkgoffer an extensive array of safety equipment and services ensuring your employees and other assets are protected. Working with IPC on safety products and services, you’ll receive solutions to problems and challenges creating cost savings and increasing worker productivity.

A safe work environment creates a decrease in workman’s comp, medical expenses, lost production time, and increases employee morale. Changing safety can take a change in culture which can start with the right Safety Products. Invest in your future; let IPC bring fresh ideas and solutions into your business.

Eye and Face Protection

IPC offers safety glasses, RX safety glasses, safety goggles, headgear and visors, welding shields, goggles and glasses, offering 3M, Honeywell, Pyramex, Jackson ( KC), MSA, and more.

Hand and Arm Protection

IPC carries disposable nitrile, latex and vinyl gloves, cotton gloves, leather gloves, coated gloves, chemical gloves, cut resistant gloves, cut resistant sleeves, disposable sleeves, cotton sleeves, chemical resistant sleeves, heat resistant sleeves, welding sleeves

Hearing Protection

Protect your hearing with disposable and reusable earplugs, earmuffs, earbands, dispensers, offering 3M, Peltor, Honeywell, Moldex, Pyramex, and more.

Respiratory Equipment

IPC carries disposable respirators, full-face and half mask respirators, airline respirators (Hooded and Tight Fitting), powdered air respirators, SCBA, air filtration systems, air cascade and pump systems, and respirator fit testing and medical questionnaire.

Protective Clothing

IPC offers a full line of materials and garment configurations such as: Tyvek, SMS, and Polypropylene in coveralls, shirts and pants, sleeves, hoods, shoe and boot covers, rainwear, traffic vests and shirts, flame retardant coveralls and shirts, welding clothing, high heat clothing, sleeves for heat, dirt, and cut protection.

Ergonomic Equipment

IPC offers anti-fatigue and specialty matting, office ergonomic supplies, back supports, wrist, knee and elbow supports, impact gloves, lifting gloves and more.

Fall Protection

IPC offers full body harnesses, shock absorbing lanyards, retractable lifelines, ladder kits, lifelines – horizontal, edge protectors and carabiners.

Safety Signage and Identification

IPS offers full lines of safety signs, tags, labels, pipe markers, barrier tapes, anti-skid tapes, printers and software for safety identification, along with stock and custom signs, labels and markers.

Spill Protection

IPC is proud to offer spill containment products from SpillTech, 3M and Sellars. These manufactures are the top in their industry. With today’s technology, you have the ability to clean up spills faster.

Safety Instrumentation

Don’t forget your portable and permanent mount air monitors, noise dosimeters and sound level meters.

Specialty Safety

Complete your facility with flammable storage cabinets, cans and accessories, emergency eyewash and shower combinations. flashlights, traffic safety, first aid kits and supplies, CPR equipment plus heat stress supplies.


Emergencies happen in the workplace every day. The correct Safety Products are essential to keep your facility running profitably. IPC takes the guesswork out of your decision on which safety products to use. IPC offers a free Safety Product Assessment. Like many other products purchased in the market, safety items can be over or under-utilized. Our IPC safety team will perform an inspection of what safety products you are using per plant, department, machine, etc. and document the application. We will then research to see if there are better more efficient products that will cut your daily costs. Many times we are able to supply you with a better safety product lasting longer thus saving you money and time. These cost savings opportunities are documented for your future year-end cost savings reporting.



Not for sure what type of respirator is needed for your employees? Take a minute and check out 3M’s Respirator Medical Evaluation. It is an easy-to-use questionnaire that helps establish the worker’s clearance level for using a specific respirator in your work conditions.


We want you to focus on other important issues.   Contact us today for a 14 point safety inspection conducted by our team.

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