Industrial Packaging Corporation believes in delivering the highest quality of packaging products from top manufactures including Lantech, 3M, Pregis, Intertape, AEP and many others. IPC offers reliable on-time delivery, industry expertise and millions of products enabling you to ship your products safely with most cost efficient method, increasing your profits, saving you money, time and stress.


Corrugated Boxes

IPC offers stock and custom corrugated solutions.


IPC offers top rated tape solutions from acrylic to hot melt.


IPC offers custom and standard cushioning solutions to protect your product.

Custom Labels

IPC offers custom labels plus we stocks plenty of blank barcode labels to assist movement of products from point A to B.

Poly Bags

Our stretch film is puncture-resistant with high cling, stretch plus flexibility cutting waste from your budget.

Poly Films

IPC stocks a wide variety of plastic film products in hundreds of variations of width, thickness, material type, custom print and finishes.

Printed Tape

IPC offers custom printed tape at prices that work with your packaging budget.

Shrink Film

Whether you require premium polyolefin, polypropylene, polyethylene or PVC shrink film, IPC offers perfect options for manual, semiautomatic and automatic packaging machines.


IPC offers a complete assortment of strapping including polypropylene, polyester and steel.

Stretch Film

Our stretch film is puncture-resistant with high cling, stretch plus flexibility cutting waste from your budget.

Imagine saving your warehouse space and budget with our IPC Presswood Pallet Solution and our Pallet Slip Sheets.

Not only do our solution experts know packaging products but we also specialize in industrial packaging equipment. Through our profitability analysis, we are able to make recommendations for corrugated boxes, stretch wrappers, void fill machinery to simplify your warehouse processes and save you time and money. In your profitability audit, we analyze your inventory, purchasing methods, storage facilities, shipping practices and safety standards.  This will provide you a comprehensive view of your operation’s efficiency, production, overhead and wasted revenue. You won’t find this level of expertise anywhere else.

IPC offers a wide range of packaging supplies and equipment to serve your shipping needs and lower your overhead cost.



IPC – Increasing your PROFITS…What are you missing?

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