Industrial Product Solutions

From abrasives, adhesives, metalworking, facility supplies and signage, IPC has your industrial challenges solved.

Packaging Product Solutions

IPC works with top manufactures meeting your challenges in corrugated boxes, tapes, cushioning, shipping supplies, strapping and film.   

Janitorial/Sanitation Product Solutions

IPC provides high quality solutions keeping a healthy environment in your facilities.

Safety Product Solutions

With IPC you’ll receive the best solution to meet the safety hazards your employees face. Our teams can solve OSHA violations before they arise.

Equipment Solutions

IPC offers comprehensive solutions to increase your production and efficiencies through our equipment lines.


Checkout IPC SMART products, these products are a great solution that fits your budget with quality you can trust.


At IPC, our reputation is built on our quality product solutions. With our expertise, we provide supply chain analysis and workplace solutions, increasing your profits.

IPC serves distribution centers, warehouses and factories across the U.S. Our goal is to make your company as productive as possible and increase your profits. In order to relieve you of unnecessary costs and needless stress, IPC will analyze your inventory, purchasing methods, storage facilities, shipping practices, and safety standards.

Outfitting your workplace with dependable packaging equipment and other industrial supplies is our top priority: corrugated products, safety, stretch film, carton sealing tape and case sealing equipment are just some examples of our product offerings.

Need ideas where you can save money? Schedule your Profitability Analysis today.  Got a question about our products? Just ASK IPC!