IPC is proud to offer poultry farmers a variety of solutions from case production increase, janitorial/sanitation solutions to safety and tape solutions. IPC also provides solutions for inventory control. IPC has a successful track record with poultry farmers who have asked IPC to partner with them to increase their carton production.Combi Egg

IPC offers the Combi Egg Carton Sealer Machine. There are several features of this machine which make this machine a perfect fit for the poultry industry. This Combi Egg Carton Sealing Machine automatically senses and adjusts for height and case length of randomly fed egg cases. A spring-loaded side belt drives transfer cases through the tapeheads, always creating a square case. A stop gate times the release of cases into the sealer. With this system, 15 cases per minute or more can be securely sealed on both the top and bottom.

Take a look and see this IPC Egg Carton Sealer Solution in action at a local poultry farm.

Combi Egg  inside 2

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