Poly bags offered by IPC are constructed with the most durable materials ensuring you receive the finest, strongest product possible. With an extra strong bottom seal, a durable side weld and high clarity, our poly bags are more than just strong. They are also task-oriented, that’s a combination you can’t beat. Constructed of 100% virgin resins, there is no breaking through the seal of our sturdy poly bags. In addition to user-friendly, our bags are also compliant with requirements for food contact set by the Food & Drug Administration and United States Department of Agriculture. So no matter your industry, whether it is food or medical equipment, our poly bags are safe and appropriate for your needs.

IPC also offers a wide range of poly bag options. Each option is designed to meet a specific challenge you may face.

IPC offers E-Z Bags®  which are Sharp’s most popular bags. They are pre-opened bags on a continuous roll, available in plain or printed and can be used with packaging systems and other bagging equipment. E-Z mailer bags have become a staple in the industry. A thermal transfer ribbon is used to automatically address the mailer bags right inline.

Because we understand the importance of poly bags for a smooth execution of your everyday applications, we provide both stock and custom poly bags in various sizes and thicknesses:

  • 3×5
  • 6×8
  • 8×10
  • 9×12
  • 10×15
  • 12×14
  • 12×18
  • 20×24

Below are some other specs for IPC’s quality products.

Biodegradable Poly Bags and Zippers

Physical Properties

  • Density – .919 to 0.924
  • Melt Index – 0.8 to 2.3

Film Properties

  • Extrusion – Mono layer extruded
  • Color – Clear and all other colors
  • Thickness – 00075 mil to 008 mil
  • Additives – Slip Fast Bloom 5% load slip
  • Antiblock Talc

The following properties represent a range for film from .001 to .0015 in thickness

  • Tensile – Low Density (psi) Linear Low Density (psi) ASTM D882
  • MD 3250 to 3500 5900 to 6200
  • TD 2450 to 2700 4100 to 4800

Dart Impact – Low Density (g) Linear Low Density (g) ASTM D1709

  • 100 to 110 220 to 260

Elongation – Low Density (%) Linear Low Density (%) ASTM D882

  • MD 350 to 400 570 to 650
  • TD 575 – 700 670 to 900

Tear Resistance – Low Density (g/mil) Linear Low Density (g/mil) ASTM D1922

  • MD 375 300 to 570
  • TD 300 700 to 1000

Temperature Limits – -25° Celsius up to 108° Ce


  • 1.5” up to 98” flat tubing or bags on rolls
  • 4” up to 98” centerfold sheeting
  • 24” up to 98” single wound sheeting
  • 6” up to 150” gusseted tubing, bags, or sheeting on rolls
  • 4” up to 56” individual flat bags
  • 6” up to 70” individual gusseted bags

IPC also offers Elkay stock poly bags on a roll that run through their machines. Need to understand how to measure poly bag dimensions?

If you need poly bags in large volumes, don’t hesitate turning to us for bulk supplies. With our quick, affordable shipping, we’ll keep your production on track with bags that won’t fail.

For more information on our dependable poly bags or other packaging equipment and supplies, contact IPC today. Call us at 877-849-3852 to speak with one of our experienced customer service representatives.