This would seem obvious, but it’s a legitimate question. We see the overuse of tape every day. There is a simple formula to follow and it is this:


Top + Bottom + 11″ = the proper amount of tape to close a carton. box no bkg


The top and bottom are simple in that you need coverage across the entire top and bottom of the package, but what about the 11? The 11″ is for the tape legs. The tape legs provide the shear strength the box will need to make the optimum closure. 2 ¾” on each tape leg is the proper amount of tape for maximum shear. 2 ¾ x 4 = 11″. Remember, carton sealing tape is designed for one strip closing so there is no need to use more than Top + Bottom + 11″ to get the proper amount of tape on the package.


By Jim Laidman – Sales Mgr./Product Mgr.