shutterstock_260425079Have you ever wondered which mineral you should use in your sanding operation? This is often overlooked by most distributors and customers and it shouldn’t be. Why? Because the using the right mineral can save time and money. First, let’s look at each of the minerals available:

  • Aluminum Oxide (AO) This is the workhorse of the industry and is often the de facto choice of most distributors. The good news is that it works on most materials such as metal and wood. The bad news is that it might not be the best or fastest mineral for the job.
  • Silicon Carbide (SiC) This material is really sharp and provides a great finish, but has a shorter life. It has specific applications such as polishing stainless steel and provides a nice finish on wood. The downside is that using this mineral as a workhorse will cost you more money.
  • Ceramic and Zirconia – These are minerals that cut really fast and work on a variety of surfaces. They really don’t have a downside with the exception of being a more expensive product.

The payback is that you will save time. For example, we had a customer using 24 Grit AO Fibre Discs to sand racking that needed to be reworked. This AO disc would do one entire rack (approximately 96 linear feet) and the disc would last for the entire rack. We sampled a 60 grit Zirconia disc (zirc is a harder mineral thus the drop in grit) and were able to get 3 racks (96 linear feet x 3 =288 linear feet) with one disc. This saves money as it drops the usage of the disc, plus a labor savings as the customer is now changing their discs less.

IPC cares about your operation. We offer a wide range of product solutions. Our goal is to increase your PROFITS! You’ll be surprised at where we can save you money. If you’re interested in learning more, ASK IPC!



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