The American Ladder Institute ( ALI ) has declared March 2017 as National Ladder Safety Month. Ladders contribute to over 300 deaths and thousands of injuries in the United States each year. ALI states its purpose is to promote ladder safety. How much do you know about Ladder Safety?

Ladders should be chosen based upon the following criteria:  ladder-safety

  • Type of Work to be Performed
  • Work Height
  • Total Weight ( Person, Tools and Materials )
  • Area Conditions
  • Hazard Identified

Ladders come by Ratings. Here is a list:

  • Type 1AA – Up to 375 Pounds
  • Type 1A – Up to 300 Pounds
  • Type 1 – Up to 250 Pounds
  • Type 2 – Up to 225 Pounds
  • Type 3 – Up to 200 Pounds

Ladder materials are important when choosing a ladder for an application.

  • Wood – Not recommended for most industrial jobs
  • Aluminum – Strong, but not to be used when possible exposure of electricity
  • Fiberglass – Non-conductive so best choice for working around electricity

Ladders must be viagra sans ordonnance inspected regularly. Avoid using ladders in front of a doorway. Workers should tag any ladder that has broken rungs or other damaged areas so it isn’t mistaken as safe. Extension ladders have the 4 to 1 rule. For every 4 feet up, extend the ladder 1 foot out. So 10 feet up you extend out 2 ½ feet. For shorter extension ladders, extend the top 3 rungs over the high point of contact. Employers must make sure employees obey the “3 Points of Contact” Rule. Two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand minimum.

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Randy Brown
IPC Safety Product Manager

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