Every year thousands in the workplace are exposed to extreme heat and direct sun. Employees who are exposed to sun and heat should be a priority with each employer to ensure they are properly protected. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health organization (NIOSH) warns that symptoms can quickly become worse after sun exposure. If you have workers who are returning to work after a vacation or extended leave of four or more days, they should take the first week back to get them used to the environment. Heat stress comes as the worker experiences an increase in temperature or a heat wave occurs; and they lose their sense of their environment. Here are some key preventive tips to keeping your employees safe while working in the sun:Heat Stroke

  • Train employees on the dangers of heat exposure
  • Monitor workers during hot conditions
  • Start a heat acclimation program
  • Develop work schedules for heat stress condition
  • Have shaded or cool areas available to workers
  • Have medical attention immediately available for anyone showing signs of heat stress
  • Continuously monitor work conditions and weather daily
  • Provide and encourage proper hydration through fluids

When possible provide cooling products to help the body temperature not become overheated IPC carries a full line of products to protect your workers from heat stress. These include:

  • Thirst Drinks
  • Cooling Towels
  • Bandanas
  • Hardcap Inserts
  • Cooling Vests with Rechargeable Packs
  • Cooling Vests Cooled from Supplied Air
  • Cooling Air Supply Systems

ASK IPC for answers to your heat stress problems. IPC offers safety solutions to meet your challenges in your workplace. Keep cool with the IPC Cooling Towels. askipc   Randy Brown – Safety Product Manager

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