Can you hear your co-worker on the other side of the construction site or in your warehouse? There are many opportunities for poor communication in a workplace, and the awareness of these hindrances is the first step toward discovering and solving them within your own business. IPC is proud to offer Kenwood radios.

These radios bring a superior speaker clarity and powerful system compIPC Kenwood 2 Way Radiosared to competitive units on the market. Kenwood has a full line of comprar viagra buenos aires accessories to complement their radios such as heavy duty microphones, earpieces, multi-unit chargers, and compact antennas. The number one complaint with two-way radios is interference between buildings and/or comment se procurer du viagra en pharmacie departments. IPC handles multiple units with varying powers such as 2 watts or 4 watts. These styles handle challenging environments. Demo units are available to make sure communication is possible before you make a decision. Purchasing radios that are not powerful enough for your environment will create communication problems.

With proper planning and a radio evaluation, you can eliminate this issue before the purchase. There is a radio available to meet your need. IPC is ready to conduct a demonstration at your facility of the Kenwood Two-Way Radio line. Contact us to schedule your demo and solve those communication challenges. IPC takes a our client’s safety challenges seriously. We aim to provide safety solutions to keep your employees safe and in OSHA compliance. Ask IPC today for your safety assessment.

Randy Brown – Safety Product Manager

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