IPC announces the release of their IPC Smart Carton Sealing Tape. This tape is designed to secure your packaging needs to a stronger level than other private label tapes.  Why? Here are a few reasons.


box tape picture

  • better adhesive system
  • consistent adhesive quality
  • made in the USA
  • faster shipment turnaround


To provide our customers with an affordable high quality product, IPC has chosen to use a hot melt adhesive versus acrylic.  Hot melt has a greater holding power and shear strength than acrylic. It keeps your tape legs from popping up and gives you the strength you need to keep your cartons closed. Our tape is also made in the USA. By buying products made in the USA, you are supporting the American workforce. You’ll benefit from the consistency of supply both from a manufacturing stand-point (the adhesive is the same every time) as well as the faster turnaround of product. It is produced and shipped domestically.


Take a look and see for yourself the strength of the IPC Smart Tape.



IPC also offers Carton Sealing Equipment to meet your needs. Checkout our other tape solutions. Contact IPC today for your solution.