IPC is proud to offer our IPC SMART Stretch Film. IPC has spent a significant amount of time researching hand and machine films provided by various manufacturers. Our goal is to ensure we are providing our customers with the most consistent and economical film in both styles. These tests were conducted internally as well as field tested. Through this research, IPC offers a solution for both performance and cost. IPC now carries the IPC SMART series machine films from low to heavy gauges. We currently carry both conventional and prestretched hand films. Remember, IPC SMART offers


  • the highest quality
  • consistency in performance
  • affordable in any budget
  • whenever possible, made in the USA.


Give the IPC Smart Stretch Films a try and see if you don’t agree! Contact us today.

IPC shrink wrap


Do you know the difference in the cling options with Stretch Film? Having problems loading your stretch strapper? Checkout our tips.




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