Protective packaging can be used for a wide variety of applications, making it an essential part of most industrial settings, warehouses and factories, as well as smaller retail outlets and businesses. IPC offers numerous paper and air cushioning choices to ensure your products are protected during transport. Whether you are shipping perishable goods from Atlanta to Los Angeles or you need to secure heavy loads of industrial equipment during international flights, our protective packaging will serve as strong impenetrable barriers between your products and any possible damage.

For those looking for surefire protection against shipping damage with cost-effective packaging materials, our Storopack PAD LOC ® BIO pads are a popular choice. These pads can be customized to the particular needs and unique properties of your goods to create a safe, secure shell during transport. They also come in pre-manufactured sizes. IPC offers them in 12” x 12”, 12” x 18” and 12” x 24” varieties. Storopack BIO pads are reusable and fully biodegradable, making them an environmentally-conscious purchase that will save you from buying expensive premolded packaging materials. We also offer a wide selection of bubble wrap and Dunnage Air Bags. IPC also offers a number of automatic machines allowing you to personally customize your packaging fitting your warehouse needs.

The Sheeter by Pregis is fully automated and creates custom cut sheets of Microfoam ®, Astro-Foam ®, or Pregis bubble wrap in various lengths. You’ll be able to manufacture your own protective packaging depending on your requirements. With fully recyclable cushions, the Sheeter is a conscientious choice for many company.

The Speedypacker® Insight(TM) system combines cutting-edge technology with innovative design to quickly deliver packaging materials that won’t interrupt the workflow. You can produce 21 Instapak® foam-filled cushions every minute satisfying the requirements of high-volume applications even in the fastest paced warehouses.

If you prefer a paper based system, the Ranpak system offering is vast and complete for all your cushioning and void fill needs. IPC provides you with protective goods like padded mailers from Sealed Air and Pregis too.

Be sure to ask us about individual prices and monthly agreements for your protective packaging equipment. Contact us today at 877-849-3852.