IPC is excited to offers adhesives ranging from carton closing and industrial.


Carton Closing

IPC has a long history of supporting Best In Class vendors and is proud to offer products from Henkel, 3M, Reynolds, IFS and Jowat. Hot Melts designed to close cartons are our specialty. The world of Hot Melts is ever-changing and we stay on top of the latest trends and products to offer you the best value for your money. Whether you need a Hot Melt to survive a sub-zero environment or a Hot Melt to keep a box closed in a trailer in the summer, IPC has you covered. Is charring a problem? Try a Metallocene product to reduce char and thus saving you the cost of replacement parts for your equipment. IPC has the technical know-how to provide the right Hot Melt at the right price.


Industrial Adhesives

Industrial adhesives are adhesives that are part of the manufacturing process and are a part of the end product. 3M has shown the industry that they are the leader in this category and have products that range from Aerosols to 2 part structural epoxies to get the job done. IPC is proud to partner with 3M and offer our customers the performance they need, the right product the first time with repeatable results.