Hand and arm injuries are some of the most prevalent in industry. Identifying the hazard and securing the correct hand and arm protection is critical in keeping your employees safe and controlling your costs. The number of gloves and protective sleeves available today are numerous, but the selection is key.

Gloves come in many materials such as leather, cotton, nylon, latex, nitrile, neoprene, Kevlar, Dyneema, HDPE, Spectra, Viton, Butyl, Taeki, polyethylene, vinyl, PVC, and aluminized. Arm protection comes in many of the same materials as gloves, but in numerous configurations and lengths. There is a glove and arm protection solution for your application.

A hand injury can cost a company $7,000 or more. Selecting the proper protection and training your employees saves medical costs and maximizes production. Technology today has brought to the market gloves with very good dexterity to handle small parts, blades, oily materials, and harsh chemicals. Gloves and sleeves are also available today to handle high heat to 2000 degrees.

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