IPC built our business around adding value to our customers by providing solutions -sometimes to problems the customers didn’t even know existed. The challenge we face is with the companies that have not yet experienced the IPC difference. Why? Because https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/ every competitor says they will supply the best product, at the best price, and with no service interruptions. Oh and on top of that, they are solutions providers like no other. Here are some examples for various competitor’s websites:

  • “Innovative Packaging Solutions since 1950”
  • “Providing Quality Packaging Solutions for Over  65 Years”
  • “World Class Packaging Solutions”
  • “We are the experts”

My question, “How are you, the customer, supposed to know who can really back up what they are saying?”
Let me share why IPC is different. IPC decided years ago that to be the leader in providing solutions. We needed experts on staff to deliver on this promise. No sales rep, no matter how good, can know everything about 5000+ different products and how best to position solutions to customer’s challenges. IPC has assembled a product management staff with a combined 125 years of industry experience to aid our sales team in delivering solutions. With IPC, you’ll receive solutions from experts who are vendor neutral, but bottom line savings focused in many areas such as

  • fall protectionaskipc
  • shrink packaging
  • flexo-graphic solutions
  • corrugated desig
  • bonding solutions

just to name a few. Who else can you go to for expertise as vast and wide as IPC?  This is precisely why IPC is different and can back our claim as “Your Solutions People”. Please use our resources to help you find the answer to what you don’t know.  Contact IPC today.

Dave Lewis

Executive Vice President

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