Today’s distribution centers are faced with shrinking line items per order (from e-commerce influences), higher volume of total orders to be shipped each day and an overall directive to control costs. These are not only common problems faced but real life situations keeping you up at night as a manager of a distribution center. IPC works with distribution centers from a variety of industries to tackle these challenges and produce cost savings with the following methods:

“Right Size” the Box

  • Complete analysis of your current box sizes.
  • How effective are these sizes are in regards to your total order utilization, size adjustments and size standardization?

Alternative Shippers

  • As the number of items per order reduces due to e-commerce influences, IPC reviews what type of shippers you are using, RSC boxes, tubes, mailers, etc.
  • We know solutions that will make your processing faster and more economical.

Process Analysis

  • Complete review of your process from the time of material receiving till orders actually ship.
  • Looking for ways to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.
  • IPC applies our years of packaging experience and application best practices to your facility.

Load Containment (LTL and Full Truckload)

  • Is your load arriving to your customer the way you intended?
  • IPC breaks down your current load containment to an objective number that is repeatable and also focuses on your cost per load wrapped. You see, simply buying stretch film on a cost per roll basis is a dangerous proposition.
  • At IPC, we marry the knowledge of both equipment and film expertise, ensuring the best utilization of every foot of film dispensed in not only film economics but load containment.

Safety Assessment

  • Did you realize OSHA requires any employee that is more than 48 inches off the ground must be tethered to a safe and secure anchor point?
  • Do you know if your facility is properly displaying the necessary signage as required by OSHA?
  • Have you provided and documented the necessary safety training for your employees in case OSHA audits your facility?

IPC’s safety division offers a no charge safety analysis of your facility aiding in identifying areas that need to be addressed before they become issues. Your expertise is in running and making your facility profitable not in keeping up with all of the OSHA mandated requirements. IPC is the expert ensuring your facility is not only safe but proactive in your employees wellbeing.

Contact us today and let IPC deliver your custom Distribution Center Solution for your operation.