Imagine no residue, fibers or clogs on your production or products.  IPC offers a unique value add to ease the gum issues of labels through a Tri Pro Dissolvable Label. These labels are a key ingredient in food safety and rotation applications. They are available in a multipurpose format for many uses or in a day of the week style for easy color coding identification. IPC offers custom sizes and colors as well. A good food safety and rotation program has many benefits and starts with the use of our IPC Dissolvable Label Solution. The new special paper and adhesive labels adhere permanently to most surfaces, yet dissolve under hot running water in just 30 seconds without the need for scrubbing or scraping, leaving no sticky film or residue. Plus, these labels can increase your product friendliness for those who have to remove your labels.

  • Increases your sales
  • Creates value added solutions
  • Promote your brand

Take a look at how easy it is to remove our labels.


Contact IPC today and order your no mess dissolvable labels.  Need other custom solutions, checkout the IPC custom printed tape options.