Want to increase your PROFITS without sacrificing performance, IPC can help! Take a look at the chemical engineering advances in poly solutions. Imagine getting more strength and better performance with less.Elasticene

Remember the days of enjoying your favorite music on LP’s, then 8 tracks, then cassettes, next CD’s – now we just stream what music we want. All of these were evolutions in the music industry. Today, we can see the same type evolution in custom poly.

For example, resins come in all sorts of variations. As our chemical engineering advances, so does the performance of these resins and blends. These engineers can be seen as “Chefs” that blend different ingredients to produce better and better performing polys. One of the most recent advances came the Elasticene plastic formulation.

Elasticene is a revolutionary plastic that is incredibly strong and tensile even at lighter gauges. Elasticene can be utilized uses in many industries, in packaging, film, bags and more. Elasticene is also extremely cost-efficient, as it offers the same security and durability as thicker products for less. Likewise, greater quantities of this versatile plastic can be ordered and stored than its thicker-gauged counterparts.

With Elasticene you’ll get

  • Stronger product
  • Greater yield (more bags per case or roll)
  • Great pricing
  • More ecologically-sound
  • Store more – less thickness

Give Elasticene a try. Well provide you with the ability to test this against your current product. You’ll be amazed at the advantages Elasticene offers. Contact IPC today! Don’t forget IPC offers other packaging solutions to meet your challenges. IPC also offers poly bagging equipment to increase your production.