Custom Boxes

IPC offers custom corrugated solutions.

Auto-Lock Bottom Boxes

IPC offers auto-lock bottom boxes for easy assembly solutions.

Corrugated Displays

IPC offers custom corrugated displays to increase your brand.

The world of corrugated boxes is as vast as the ocean is wide and deep.  Industrial Packaging Corporation provides the understanding of the importance of strength and reliability for your shipment and storage. We want to ensure you’re getting the strongest corrugated boxes adhering to standards set by industry trade associations. Besides the standard box product, corrugated paperboard can be used as a display material as well. By turning to IPC  for all of your corrugated boxes and products, you’ll receive very competitive prices cutting your overhead costs significantly and increasing your no bkg

Designed for extreme strength, corrugated boxes are made of corrugated paperboard with air columns for protective cushioning. These boxes will reliably protect whatever they carry. We offer corrugated boxes in every shape and size imaginable, as well as shipping indicators – such as Tip N Tell labels – to alert your customers of possible package damage. Contact us for your corrugated needs. We’ll increase your profits and lower your overhead.

Checkout SLICE – the safe way to cut corrugated.

Imagine saving your warehouse space and 30% of your budget with our IPC Presswood Pallet Solution and our Pallet Slip Sheets over corrugated slip sheets.

Along with corrugated boxes of various dimensions, we also offer the following corrugated products:

  • custom-made boxes
  • inserts
  • cube boxes
  • corrugated sheets
  • single-face corrugated rolls
  • bin boxes
  • file boxes
  • Gaylord boxes
  • heavy-duty boxes

Not sure what style of box you may need, click here for style definitions.

Take a look at our auto-lock bottom box solution.


Contact one of our experienced customer service representatives today to determine what is the best choice for your product, shipment and storage needs.