The New Year always brings new challenges for companies trying to keep improving their profits. The thermal-printers-2maintenance of your thermal transfer printers and TTO coders is key for continuing to print high quality barcodes and dates. Your company’s 2017 budget should include quarterly PMs on TT printers and TTO coders to avoid any costly charge-backs or fines from their customers. A high quality and properly performing printhead is essential.

Replacing printheads is an unavoidable part of printer ownership. When printed barcodes or text appearance begins to have even lines running along the length of the label, the printhead has begun to fail. IPC can arrange to have this verified for you if you think this is occurring. This usually occurs after running 3-4 million linear inches of labels in an OEM printhead. Changing the printhead as soon as it starts to fail is important to prevent issues with your customer and costly chargebacks for unreadable barcodes.

IPC can supply you with OEM and OEM quality discount printheads for Zebra®, Datamax®, Sato®, Intermec® and several other thermal transfer printer makes as well as Markem-Imaje®, Domino®, Videojet®, EASYPRINT®, Bell-Mark®, ICE®, and Open Date® thermal transfer overprinters used for flexible packaging. Contact us for more information on pricing, evaluations or service.

Chris Armistead
IPC Product Manager

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