One estimate puts the number of words in the English language at 1,025,109.8. Plus, a new word is created every 98 minute or at rate of 14.7 per day. The average adult person knows 20,000 words or more. I certainly don’t learn 14 new words per day, but many of the words we do know are used way more often than others. This is especially true when we are children. How many times have you heard (or used for that matter)… “Ask your Mother” “Ask your Father” “Money doesn’t grow on trees”   Probably much more than you would like to count. Did you ever get an answer when you asked these questions? Two things you hopefully got were straight answers and good advice. We at IPC are obviously not your mom or dad and we certainly know money does not grow on trees, but if you will ASK IPC you will always get straight answers and good advice. It doesn’t grow on trees, but money that can be saved in your operation certainly hides!

ASK IPC to help you find it. I work specifically with providing solutions with packaging films and packaging equipment. A lot of money hides in excess film costs and labor usage. Why don’t we start there? ASK IPC!! Best to you and yours for a great 2015!!   ASK-IPC     Bob Jones – Product Manager

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