Moving into 2016, business in the United States will continue to move to a sustainable processes in their business model. One avenue can be the towels and tissue used in restrooms. About six billion dollars worth of toilet paper every year are consumed in the United States and this surpasses any other country. On average, Americans use about 50 lbs annually or 57 squares of toilet tissue every day.EcoSoft-tissue

Many companies are accepting the challenge and they are going green in this product line and with the Baywest EcoSoft line. This line of towels and tissue, meets the green challenges. EcoSoft® meets or exceeds EPA guidelines for post-consumer waste content and many are Green Seal™ certified satisfying procurement criteria for government-funded organizations that are enforced by state and federal law. EcoSoft® is constructed with a perfect blend pre- and post-consumer wastepaper to provide quality or performance.

The EcoSoft line offers controlled use capabilities to save money. Let IPC help you with a quality line that will save your company money. Challenge IPC today and ask for a demo and samples.

Randy Brown – Safety Product Manager

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