The week between Christmas and New Year usually gives us time to reflect on the past year and look toward Bob JOnes webshotthe future. This is how New Year Resolutions come about. What is your resolution for this year? You can have more than one, have one for personal and one for business.

For many, personal resolutions can include popular ones like lose weight, get more exercise, spend more time with the family and others really too numerous to mention. With business, think of the plan you put together for a budget. Isn’t this really a form of a resolution? The budget includes what you are planning to spend and what you plan to earn. Maybe your fiscal year budget starts in a month other than January, but the largest majority of them are traditionally January to December. With that said, the first month of the fiscal year budget is a great time to get a jump start on looking at ways to get your “business resolution” goals accomplished. It’s time to think about ways to save on those expenses so you have an entire year to reap the benefits of what you put in place early.

In the world of packaging equipment and films, this may include a machine purchase to save labor cost or keep you from immediately having to hire additional people. Your next resolution may include working with your current vendor to see where changes in things you buy like pallet stretch film – can it be tweaked to provide year-long savings to help reach the budget goals? Savings with wrapping films not only save you direct costs, they can save you things like reduced shipping damage and improved employee safety, things that you may not immediately associate with savings. Labor savings, material cost savings, improved safety and reduced damage go right to the bottom line and can have a major impact on your profitability in 2017 and beyond. Let’s work together early to find those things that make your business profit “resolutions” a reality. Just ask IPC!!

Have a healthy and prosperous 2017!!!

Bob Jones
IPC Equipment and Films Manager

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