Daily in the news, we hear political pontiffs trying to communicate why they are the right person to lead our great country. Most are qualified and capable candidates but each is uniquely different in their beliefs and thoughts. The same holds true for you in business as you pick Dave webshotyour solution supplier. You’re contacted by tons of packaging or industrial distributors who claim to be “#1.” Yet, different customers have different needs, therefore the value from a supplier is different. As IPC embarks into 2016, we are adopting a “Challenge Us” attitude towards our customers and prospects. We asked our long term customers why they stay with us. We heard many reasons like “Trust, Friends, Provide Solutions, I can count on you, You partner with me, Consistent, You care, and Experts” just to name a few. Rarely do we hear, “You are the lowest price in town or you provide outstanding quality products.” Why is that?

When choosing a supplier, one must deliver quality products on-time and be competitively priced. These are standards that all qualified “candidates” must have. A supplier’s real value comes after those standards. That is where IPC shines in the market. After the standard service levels are met, that is when “trust” or “care” is earned. Our customers see value in our services. The phrase “you don’t know what you don’t know” couldn’t be more appropriate here as some customers recognize their immediate challenges but others don’t know there may be a better solution. In both types of situations, our customers enjoy effective IPC solutions. We create long term customers and partners.

This is precisely why in 2016 we ask our current customers and prospects to challenge us to solve your concerns. We’ll show you the IPC value. IPC is focused on increasing your profits and making you more competitive in your market. This goal is met by solving your concerns. Let the IPC team clearly demonstrate why we are truly the only #1 choice. ASK IPC TEMP   God bless and here’s website to a very healthy and successful 2016 for us all.

Dave Lewis
Executive Vice President

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